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As the end of summer nears, I am pulling out my full and feminine polka dot skirt and pairing it with a Kelly Green pussy bow blouse.
Brand new with tags Primark blouse in black and white polka dots uk size Lightweight silky fabric, with a zip fastening up the back, long sleeved. From a smoke free home, thank you for looking.
Green Envelope brand. Worn once. Cross posted. Zipper on the back.
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Adorable polka dot blouse with Bow and frilled 3/4 cuff sleeves. Blouse buttons up the back. Fabric is not tagged at all but assuming is % terylene as is another similar blouse that I have listed I would say it’s a modern size 8.
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Grey and White Polka Dot Shirt with Grey Skinny Jeans

As the end of summer nears, I am pulling out my full and feminine polka dot skirt and pairing it with a Kelly Green pussy bow blouse.

Check More On daisy red polka dots. Check More On Polka dot punishment. Some people may ask that all polka dots are circles so whats the fun of collecting so many of them. Well,if you just scroll the whole article, you will find that every polka dot pattern is unique and interesting too.

Check More On Pink and green polka dot background. Check More On big polka dots. Check More On Polka-dots. Mouseover to see this author's bio. Nisha is the head blogger for Slodive. She loves tattoos and inspirational quotes. Check her out on google plus https: Hey Sunalini, love some of your designs. Is these are free to use or need to accredit someone on my blog?

Hi Hemendra, These backgrounds are free for personal use but for commercial use , you need to check the individual websites. I really like to have polka dot things like dresses, blouses or even notebook covers. My favorite colors are green and pink so the Pink and green polka dot background is my pick for this collection. Anyway, all the other designs are also having good matches. Great collection of Polka dot backgrounds, these would look great on websites, I could imagine the light coloured one looking great on a cupcake site.

Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Jilli and I were talking the other day about how to nicely talk to Lydia and we started talking about empathy. We let Jilli set some of her school goals. My goal for her is letter and number formation currently she starts most of her letter in a wrong spot and each crash she has her writing takes a huge hit. She asked as we were talking if she could add a goal for the school year My answer was a big yes!

Empathy is something we can all work on! It is also not lost on me all of the people who love us. Thank you to everyone who loves us. Thank to everyone who reads this blog. Thank you to everyone who is a part of our story. Maybe it is working on writing a book and thinking about that but the weight of people taking time to read your story feels like a huge privilege and I am so blessed that people take the time to read what I write and use that to join into our lives.

That people have been showing up here for 5 years and spending their time reading. There is a lot on the internet and I am so humbled that you would choose this site to read. You become our cheerleaders and prayer partners and I am so thankful for each of you!

So tonight I am in a thankful mood. Lydia was so happy to have her Jack Jack once she got home! She is curled up watching Peppa Pig Jilli sitting with a friend in the hospital.

She sat for hours this week just by her friend. Not expecting her friend to play with her or even talk much, just sitting and being near her. Posted by brown and pink polkadot at 9: Monday, October 1, Our normal.

Life is back to our normal. Both kids are back at baseline. Lydia has even gone to sleep before midnight a couple of times this week. Brent and my dad worked on the bathroom more on Saturday Deconstruction is all done and reconstruction has begun. Maybe someday we will have a master bathroom again and maybe someday I will be able to park in the garage again as that is where all the bathroom stuff is right now. Mom and I went through the kids clothes on Saturday and did the season change.

That is not one of my favorite tasks however it always feels good to have it done. It is also nice that Lydia has started to grow out of some 12mo clothes Jilli is hanging out between 4T, 4 and 5T depending on the cut Tonight we are packing for RMH again.

We have GI this week. We had a phone meeting with Special Needs on Friday. I am so thankful for them. They helped to resolve a situation that has been very stressful and I am so thankful for their help. They are also helping to get some more answer for us about NIH. Jilli is doing really well with speech. We are already seeing a difference after just a few weeks. I am so thankful for our amazing therapists and all they do to help the girls.

What have I been up to? If you read my last post really carefully you can find out what I have been very busy doing. Yes that was a more political post but there is a little gem of something very exciting that I am up to hidden in there. School is going really well. Some days she is 5 and doesn't want to do her work however most of the time she gets right down to work and does a great job. Lydia blows us away all of the time with what she is learning.

Today she was chewing on a frozen teether on of her favorite things in the world! She looked at me and pointed to her teether and said "four angles" and pointed to the corners. I said yes there are 4 corners. She looked at her teether again and said "rhombus" I look at her like "where did you learn rhombus? Well back to getting stuff done and maybe listening to a few podcasts while I am at it.

Lydia has made herself comfortable in the recliner watching Peppa Pig and Jilli is playing Playmobil. Posted by brown and pink polkadot at 8: Friday, September 28, They will know we are Christian by our love.

My Facebook post from today: I don't go searching for the songs. They play based on what is going on in life. Sometimes they are songs I have not listened to in a decade. Its one of those weeks where the songs in my head feel heavy. Normally I find comfort in the songs in my head All I can see when I look at the Evangelical American church this week is tribalism.

I think we often confuse that with love. Love does not dishonor others. Love does not easily get angered. Love does not seek self interests. Love is not rude. I had really hoped we as a culture had come farther in the lat year. Let me be really clear here because somehow this gets lost often I am an independent.

I have voted for people from multiple parties. I was raised this way. Political tribalism is NOT something I grew up with. Growing up there was not good and evil party. This is still how I look at politics today. I do not assume anyone is evil because they are in one party or another. You can click on the politics tab above to read all of my political views, I am rather open about them. My issue this week is with evangelicals. You can not justify wanting to end abortion, which evangelicals view as sin, with justifying sexual assault.

I am not claiming to have made a ruling on what the supreme court nominee did or did not do, we have a legal system that is set up to work on that if we allow them to do their jobs. My issue is how people have said that sexual assault is ok if it gets us what we want. The majority of evangelical Christians say they do not care if he assaulted anyone or not, they only care about the abortion issue.

How blind are people You are working against yourself if your goal is to lower the number of abortions by saying "boys will be boys" and "17 year olds do dumb things, they can not be responsible for that. Am I the only one who sees the cycle here?! Once again, I am not looking to hang the supreme court nominee, my issues are with the words the church has used this week. The things the church has said. You can not justify ending one sin with another sin.

That is not of Jesus. Jesus has no list of acceptable sins. My heart is broken today because I look around and all I see is lack of love. Go read my metoo post I did not report ANY of those events to any governing body. I am also struggling with parts of my upbringing. I can not even count the number of times at camp growing up I was told what was or was not ok for me to wear.

No one ever stood at the pulpit and told the boys how to dress. I see how this still effect me today. I put on a dress not long ago which was a perfectly acceptable dress. I was wearing it to church and was antsy while we were getting ready.

Honestly the dress is not low cut however in my mind all I could hear was years of being told how to dress to best be a good Christian. Brent could see how much I was struggling. He does not understand it at the same level as he did not grow up in Christian culture like I did. I walked into the bedroom and put a scarf on and he started to laugh and told me to go find an evangelical looking scarf.

He knew that years of being told my body is an issue led to the fact that I was uncomfortable in my own skin. Somehow as a society we need to find a balance here. I do not think that boobs and butts need to be hanging out however we need to find a better way of communicating that in a way that is not shaming to women and creating scars on their hearts.

This leads to the thought that if a woman is raped it is her fault due to the clothes she is wearing. If we as a church are known for that being our view then we are failing. People don't take ownership of things, they just double down. This is not how repentance works though. I am in the process of writing a book that will tell our story and what God has taught me. It is currently in the editing stage and I wanted to illustrate a point better and went looking for a Bible passage that I knew the passage but not where it is located.

This website was not some anti-church site I struggled to follow his claims, and you have to omit large parts of the New Testament to follow his logic however the fact is there are many Christians who believe that. They believe the gospel is about sending people to hell. They believe there is no point in helping people. My head and heart just hurt. This week I went back and read several excerpts from Brian Zahnd's books and started reading the eternal current and listened to a podcast with Shannan Martin and the only conclusion I can come to at this point in the week is that maybe the American church is trying to both be the bride of Christ and the bride of politics and that never works out.

That we are just so use to our culture being referred to as Christian that people do not understand what is from the Bible and what is not. Andy Stanly said recently that one of the worst things in the American church is that we believe our culture is Christian. Even when we say culture is against us we marry so many things together that do not belong together.

We justify one sin with another. We justify why we don't need to love people. We are fools if we trade short term politics for long therm eternity.

We do not have eyes of the Kingdom of heaven then. Once again, my issues are when we say we have no want to listen to what someone is saying if they are not on our team, when we underplay sexual assault, when we call people names, when we care only about politics, when we are hypocrites go play out the difference between how the church treated Bill Clinton and right now , when we don't think big picture about our words.

I look at my girls But if my kids are fighting for social programs and are sexually assaulted will the American church even listen? Will they be told there is no point in even listening to them because of their politics? I am heartbroken because that is not of Jesus.

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