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Pink cotton, printed with Hello Kitty, and hearts in red and black and white, with little bugs.

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My Baby & Child Clothes. K likes. Στειλτε τη παραγγελια σας στα μηνυματα με κωδικο,size,διευθυνση και τηλεφωνο.
Petit Pli Clothes that grow with your child. Our technology uses pleated structures to always fit perfectly. We focus on outerwear, and are patent pending. Petit Pli was developed by Ryan Mario Yasin at the Royal College of Art.
Find great deals on eBay for my child clothes. Shop with confidence.
My Baby Pie Welcome to My Baby Pie, featuring boutique baby clothes and kids accessories from fine brands like Mud Pie Baby. We're excited to help you create fun memories with the Mud Pie Summer collections with precious new styles for boys and girls.
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Find great deals on eBay for my child clothes. Shop with confidence.

Earn more cash for apparel Apparel Tips: Freshly launder clothes Lay them flat in a box or basket Iron wrinkled clothes Lay outfit pieces together, especially for baby clothes no pins please! Check for holes or stains.

Earn more cash for equipment Equipment tips: Clean thoroughly— the nicer it looks, the more you earn Launder when applicable Bring instructions if you have them Include all parts and pieces We will check for safety recalls Accepted equipment varies by store. Check the policy at the store nearest you here. Individual stores may vary in buy policies, as well as their inclination toward certain items or brands, so consider calling ahead or checking out the store site before bringing your items.

How long will the process take? Buyers give an estimated buy time based on how many items you have and how busy the store is.

For the most accurate estimation, we suggest you call ahead. Do I have to stay in the store while you buy my items? If you have sold to Kid to Kid before and would like to donate any items we are not able to purchase, you are not required to wait in the store for your items to be appraised.

However, if you would like to have any unbought items returned to you, please plan to stay minutes to allow us to quickly sort through them and return anything we would not be able to purchase to you before you leave. Do all stores have the same buy hours and policies?

No they do not. Our stores are individually owned and operated and may have different store hours and buying policies. Please check with the store nearest you Find a store for details on how to buy. Why are even high quality items sometimes turned away? If you have a question, be sure to ask the buyer. What happens to my items if I choose to donate them?

Each store arranges for distribution to one or more charities in their community. Most also have a charity account for customers who decide to make a cash donation to charity.

Your donated items will always benefit a charity. If I choose to donate my leftover items, will I get a donation receipt? Policies vary from charity to charity, so you will need to call your local store directly to get accurate information regarding donation receipts. How do I get more money for my items? There are several ways to increase the amount you earn when you bring in your items.

How many items can I bring in at one time? Store policies may vary, but most stores do not have a set maximum. Pink cotton, printed with Hello Kitty, and hearts in red and black and white, with little bugs.

Top has white cotton, square collar with white lace around it, and light pink machine embroidery across Doll and accessories if shown are not included unless stated above. Pots and hearts and lady bug cute fabric. My child Doll from , she has 2 tone long blonde hair and blue eyes. With Her Original clothes, now that's hard to find! Tight limbs and elast She has blonde hair and green eyes. The doll's feet are very clean because she always wore her socks.

The doll is in good, used condition for her age with dirt on her skin. The outfit she wears is in This doll seems in very good condition. There is a tiny pin point mark on her cheek. I haven't tried to remove it. Zoom in to see it. Everything else looks fine. She has on her original Body has very gentle use. Hair is still full but slighly frizzy.

There are a few stains. Had this doll since childhood. Everything is in excellent condition. There is also one extra shirt that I had with it since childhood. No tears, marks, discolation, odor, or defects that I note. He is in good condition, but not perfect.

My Child Clothing. 1K likes. has white my child shirt on with diaper underneath outfit. WITH MINOR RESTORATION, YOU WILL HAVE A PERFECT MY CHILD DOLL WITH ALL THE ORIGINAL CLOTHING AND SHOES. ALSO WEARING THE ORIGINAL MY CHILD SO. Kids Clothes, Baby Clothes & More. Get your gotta-have-it look! At The Children’s Place, we’ve got kids clothes in every size, color and trend-setting style. Tops, shorts, pants, jeans, dresses it’s all here.