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I always want to be a person who my coworkers and employers can trust. Sometimes people just need to know that their problems are important to someone else. A job search isn't just a one-sided hunt.

Application. I applied through an employee referral. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at CVS Health (Boston, MA (US)). Interview. I received a call, showed up for an interview with the manager, and then started work the next week.
Store Manager Trainee Interview candidates at CVS Health rate the interview process an overall positive experience. Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for Store Manager Trainee at CVS Health is average.
Your interview for a position at CVS Pharmacy isn't just about if you're right for CVS -- it's about making sure that a job at CVS is right for you. Describe your experience in different work environments and how you adapted to new atmospheres.
Jul 31,  · A Day in the life of a Store Manager at Warehouse Stationery - Duration: CVS Interview - Sales Associate - Duration: Best Interview Questions and Answers - Duration.
CVS will make your life miserable when you are a Store Manager. CVS/Pharmacy jobs forums. How is the interview what type of questions are asked. Honestly, I really need this job is because I been unemployed for months and need some quick cash to pay the bills. Reply.

Store Manager Trainee Interview candidates at CVS Health rate the interview process an overall positive experience. Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for Store Manager Trainee at CVS Health is average.

Generally, interviewers look for interest in the job, communication skills, and availability. Prior to calls, applicants should make sure to brush up on phone interview skills. When the call comes, applicants should find a quiet places to carry out phone interviews. Applicants need to come to CVS interviews ready to make lasting impressions. Before the interview, applicants should prepare by studying the company history, products and services offered, and company culture. For further preparation, applicants should practice answering basic interview questions and come up with some questions to ask interviewers.

Once prepared, applicants should go into the job interview dressed in professional clothing. Positive attitudes, energetic personalities, and a genuine interest in the potential job opportunity greatly benefit workers during the hiring process.

As a retail company, CVS looks to hire workers with sound customer service skills. Whenever possible, applicants should discuss any attributes that may set them ahead of other candidates. Choice topics to bring up include earning good grades in school and past successes with following directions and exceeding benchmarks. If you have good grades, I would mention that. CVS like people that are smart and dedicated. Be sure to be on time.

That is my job and interview tip for CVS it worked for me. Having your HS degree completed would definitely be a plus. But plenty of baby-boomer type aged people work there. What kind of questions do they ask you during the interview? How do you feel about performance incentives? Want to see the answers? Upgrade to view Answers.

How to Answer Performance incentives can be very motivating, and you may have opportunities to earn such incentives as an employee at CVS Pharmacy. Question 6 of What are your salary expectations? How to Answer Do some research to determine what you may be able to expect from a position at CVS Pharmacy, and use your current earnings to talk about your expectations.

Question 7 of How can CVS Pharmacy motivate you on the job? Question 8 of Describe to me your ideal employer. How to Answer A job search isn't just a one-sided hunt. Question 9 of We need reliable people on our team at CVS Pharmacy. How many days were you absent from work last year? How to Answer Being a member of a team means being reliable and consistent, and working at CVS Pharmacy is no exception. Question 10 of What type of work environment do you dislike working in?

Jordan Henry is a technical and creative writer working in Chattanooga. You can find her on LinkedIn here: A Manager career can be a challenging and very rewarding career. A manager can work in many different aspects, as the title 'manager' is not entirely defined, other than they will be managing employees In a shop, a cashier or checkout operator is a person who scans the goods through a machine called a cash register that the customer wishes to purchase at the retail store.

The items are scanned by a Sales professionals are employed by companies to sell their products or services to customers. They work in all types of industries and with companies of all sizes.

As part of their job, sales professionals Retail buyers are entrusted with the task of purchasing products and goods on behalf of the company they work with. These products and goods are purchased from manufacturers or wholesalers and then re-sold An Assistant Manager has managerial duties to help assist the store manager. Typically, they work in a retail or restaurant environment. Their duties are to create a positive and motivating atmosphere Question 11 of Personality fit is important to us at CVS Pharmacy.

How would you describe your personality? How to Answer When you work at CVS Pharmacy, you are one part of a larger team -- and that team is vital to the success and health of the entire store and the company at large.

Question 12 of How do you handle a situation where your supervisor does not properly communicate information to you? How to Answer Retail organizations like CVS Pharmacy are fast-paced; though supervisors have the best intentions, some information may fall through the cracks and your managers may not always communicate with you in a way that you prefer.

Question 13 of What type of manager brings out the best in you? How to Answer Managers at CVS Pharmacy work hard to ensure a healthy team, which starts with supporting individual employees. Question 14 of Why is this job with CVS Pharmacy right for you at this time in your career?

How to Answer A position at CVS Pharmacy will provide you with plenty of benefits in the present while also allowing for opportunities to move up in the company in the future. Question 15 of What is the most competitive work situation you have experienced? How did you handle it? What was the result? How to Answer Retail environments like CVS Pharmacy may offer opportunities for friendly competition with your coworkers and other stores in your district and region.

Question 16 of Tell me about a time when you made a suggestion requesting change in an organization. How to Answer The most successful organizations are always growing and adapting to better serve their customers, and CVS Pharmacy is no exception.

Question 17 of This position requires a flexible schedule as we are open evenings, weekends, and most holidays. Are you able to commit to these hours?

How to Answer Retail jobs like an associate at CVS Pharmacy require a wide range of hours that may include evenings, weekends, holidays, overtime, and split shifts. Question 18 of At CVS Pharmacy we like to hire strong achievers. Give me an example of a time when you went above and beyond. Question 19 of Take me through your experience in retail. What was the most challenging position you have held? Which was your favorite, and why?

Question 20 of Have you researched our company values? What makes you the best candidate for CVS Pharmacy? How to Answer Being knowledgeable about the CVS Pharmacy brand and customer is extremely important -- any information you know about the company's values will set you apart from other candidates.

Question 21 of You will be responsible for a large amount of cash and valuable merchandise at CVS Pharmacy. What would your most recent employer say about your character and honesty? Question 22 of In a retail environment, staff turnover is often high.

How would you handle it if your co-worker did not show up for their shift? How to Answer Having a versatile schedule is valuable in the retail world, and CVS Pharmacy employees must be adaptable and flexible. Question 23 of Working in a retail environment, you will sometimes come across rude customers.

How would you handle a customer who is aggressive towards you or a co-worker? How to Answer In a service-focused job like a position at CVS Pharmacy, you will likely encounter customers who make your job less than pleasant. Question 24 of Tell me 3 qualities you possess that make you a strong fit for this position with CVS Pharmacy.

How to Answer Before your interview, take some time to find out more about what CVS Pharmacy looks for in an employee, and find ways to honestly demonstrate how your personality meets those needs. Question 25 of At CVS Pharmacy we firmly believe in grooming our employees into management roles as they show potential.

Are you interested in potential leadership roles with us? How to Answer Leadership at the retail level can open up many career options such as store management, district level leadership and even corporate opportunities.

Question 26 of In our retail stores we take pride in our merchandising and displays. Do you consider yourself to be a creative person, capable of making an attractive retail display? How to Answer If offered a position at CVS Pharmacy, you may be asked to contribute to the design and construction of displays. Question 27 of This position requires you to wear a uniform to work.

Have you worn a uniform in the workplace before? How do you feel about this? How to Answer At CVS Pharmacy, it's important for customers to know who to ask if they need help finding what they're looking for or have questions about a product -- and uniforms help accomplish that goal. Question 28 of In this role you will be required to handle customer transactions. On a scale of how strong are your mathematical skills? Question 29 of We have a strong employee honesty program in place at CVS Pharmacy to prevent loss.

What would you do if you discovered that a co-worker was stealing product or money? Question 30 of At CVS Pharmacy we have a very clear return policy. How would you handle a customer who was arguing with you about a potential return?

Question 31 of What do you know about CVS Pharmacy? Why do you want to work for us? How to Answer When interviewing for a job at CVS Pharmacy or any other company, it's important to understand the mission and aesthetic of the organization. Question 32 of CVS Pharmacy puts customer service first. How do you ensure that you always put the customers' needs first? I currently work 8 to 4pm monday thru friday and off on the weekend.

My job has good benefit but the pay is small and and almost thru with my masters degree. I need a better paying job but no stress. Joe, Many years ago I was hired to take over a retail store that was ranked out of I did so through exceptional customer service and by treating my employees with dignity and respect. Do you think it is possible within the CVS family to grow a store's business based on the type of customer service offered?

For example, my local CVS employees are friendly enough, but rarely do I see them go above and beyond to help anyone other than from behind the checkout counter. I worked at CVS for 9 months after a car accident ,they let me go said a customer did like the way I treated them.

But now I'm worried about what they will tell other company about me. Please tell me what you think. Get the pay you want and know before than this job. I was not treat well, because of my age. Please find out everything before you do this. Some stores may be better than others. ManagerJoe, I'm very curious to hear your responses to the following individuals questions: I'm seriously thinking about applying for the Mgmt Trainee position because I've never had any management experience although, I have my Bachelor's Degree.

I'd like to work 2nd shift only I don't want to jump into fire working for an unhealthy company that treats its employees like cattle and overworks them with no bonuses or benefits attached except life's learning lessons. I have a interview tomorrow for cashiering at CVS. I am not sure how much the hourly rate will be.

Can you please fill me? How is the interview what type of questions are asked. Honestly, I really need this job is because I been unemployed for months and need some quick cash to pay the bills. Also, how many hours will they possible work me it suppose to part-time, and I need sometime a little flexible until I found a more permanent job.

I am good if its at least 25 hours a week. Momof4 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Can you tell me if they will drug test me for a cashier job? I found my hours cut or less and working 90 hours a week. Poison Ivy in Reno, Nevada. There is a particular pharmacist at CVS that refused to fill my prescriptions for reasons unknown. All the other pharmacists are fine and fill my prescriptions when they are due as needed but she always makes up lame excuses to not fill them.

I have to then drive accross town to fill them at a different CVS when she is working. What should I do I want her to stop inconveniencing me? Thanks so much for sharing. I want to report her to her boss.

I did already make a former complaint on-line but I want to do more. I was recently in a car accident and am in allot of pain. I have been driving to the next town for a different CVS when she is working its a major inconvenient. I can tell you that I've worked at CVS for about 6 months now At CVS you've really got to show them, that your worth something Ok, as I am reading these comments, I am confused.

Retail management isn't for everyone. A Store Manager should not have to work more than 50 hours a week. If you are, then you are not trusting your colleagues as much as you should. I am an Assistant Manager here and all of my Store Managers have taken 2 days off I know that may seem shocking but we stay afloat and our district is number one in the area in most metrics So, this post baffles me. Drug tests are based in the state Some states require them for all employment Some states don't but CVS requires all "management and pharmacy employees" get a drug screening prior to employment If you dont meet criteria, you are in trouble.

I can't even fathom being an A. The greatest female dog slap in the face are two things. ONE, we get our schedule weekly. The new work week starts on a Sunday and we do not get our schedule for the week if lucky the Wednesday prior Your days off are rarely the same and the hours are of that of a roller coaster Try having a personal life when your home life is focused on what tie to go to bed based around your schedule for the week.

How much perfectly in tact merchandise and food get's thrown in the trash on a daily basis! Imagine that, in ONE store how much is thrown away monthly? Imagine how much in the district!? They literally have money to throw away and yet they dont have money for payroll budget more or less better hourly pay? Or more than thirty five cent raise yearly? This company is a corporate mafia shark that eats you alive and bottles your soul Overnights, inventory time, sick calls, etc.

Hey I just applied to be a shift leader. It seems like a lot but I'm in need of money. How much does it pay and there any type of upside to working it? NewHire in Bronx, New York. I have just been made an offer for employment , but am wondering if they are going to drug test me , and if so when.

I was hired for the beauty advisor position. Hello, very random, but I saw you are from ny and posted recently. I have a question that I can't seem to find a straight answer for.

I was wondering if cvs will drug test a newly hired beauty advisor? And if so when into the process. I only smoke , I don't do anything else, and am a bit concerned because u know the test for other positions.

Allen in Fairborn, Ohio. Recruiter setting up interview to meet with district manager team what should I expect and what was your daily functions like?

Store Manager Interview candidates at CVS Health rate the interview process an overall positive experience. Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for Store Manager at CVS . Store Manager Trainee Interview candidates at CVS Health rate the interview process an overall positive experience. Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for Store Manager Trainee at CVS Health is average. Hiring process information for an interview at CVS How to Get a Job at CVS. Always hiring new and motivated associates, CVS regularly needs workers to staff store locations throughout the United States.