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What age of child does a size 3 shoe fit??? It's for baby and toddler sizes. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Size 3 Baby- a little less than a year maybe months. My son was wearing a size 4 at a year. Size 3 kids- Depends on the kids but I think somewhere Depends on the height too, because I am 5'2 and I wear size 3 kids! An Infant for little kid shoes.

Every pattern maker writes with a different style so sometimes just figuring out that style helps with understanding and reading it! I found your site from Pinterest. I love your boot pattern and converse pattern. Thank you so much for sharing them. I have a niece and nephew on the way and will be making these for them!! I love the converse too, My little man grew out of them WAY too fast, I might have to design a larger pattern for those!

Thank you so much for sharing your pattern, these are so cute I had to try to make them for my baby girl. Do you have any suggestions for a beginner on how I can adjust it for a six month size? Any help would be appreciated. I think I came across your site through ravelry, found it last night and pinned it since then it has been pinned 26 times and liked 11!

Maybe I can figure it out to make a smaller one in another color. My 4 month old has already grown out of this baby size, so going by months is not a good gauge. You can just do the sole as a guage, if it looks right finish the rest of the bootie, if not try again, no reason to make the whole shoe!

Thanks for posting these darling boots. I am not very experienced in following patterns and am a bit confused. At the beginning of the cuff it says sl st in 8 stitches. I did a sl st in each of 8 stitches thinking this was for the part the flap wrapped over i wondered why you said to cut yarn at end of shoe but now I think I was suppose to sl st in the 8th stitch only to start the cuff with new piece of yarn. I want to make these for a friends twins. Such a darling patten. Thanks again for sharing your talent!

Thank you so much! I got the left boot made…. The instructions you have are definitely for a left boot. I understand the instructions for the right and left cuff. But there is no right or left sole, they start with 7hdc at the tip and 5 sc at the end and the sides are even and it goes from there. I am having the same problem. I am most defiantly doing it right by the diagram and everything but no matter what I do the sole goes left footed.

I tried to pull and shape it for a right but it just wont work. I dont know if it has something to do with being right handed maybe? Im new at crocheting and am having some trouble reading the pattern.

What does it mean, after 3 hdc, to 7hdc? Am I doing 7 HFCs in the same stich? It helps if you tell me what row your having a hard time with. Are you talking about row one? Thanks so much for your help. It is a bit trippy to look at at first, but I promise it will work out just fine.

Hi, My friend came across this pattern on Pinterest and shared it with me. I just started my own little baby crochet business via facebook. I am currently building up an inventory of various baby items and I would like to know if its okay if I sell booties using your pattern on my facebook page.

I will be sure to include a link to your website and give you credit for the pattern. Good luck with your store! If i start each round the way it says to, I end up with extra stitches and my seam moves backwards. If i go one forward and start the round in the stitch after the slip stitch, my seam curves forwards.

It would be awesome if you could help! Either 1 your sl st in the ch1 from the beginning of the round instead of in the sc? That is my only guess about getting an extra stitch without seeing a picture. The other one 2 is accidentally sc in the sl st from the last row, thus adding an extra stitch. I love these so much that I would be super over-joyed if I could ever make it. I am left handed and pretty much self taught. I can crochet but I struggle. These are super adorable.

Hi, I just began crochet n I saw these and I would love to make it! But it seems like its too complicated do u think you could make a video of you making it!

Cuz that would be awesome! Like 2 hdc in the next three? Sorry to bother you but I would really like to learn how to make these. Does it make a difference what yarn you use? These booties are adorable!! My question to you is on the sole portion you have, 2hdc 3 times, 3hdc, 2 hdc 3 times, on the 2nd row. Are the 2 hdc in the same stitch and then I just repeat 3 times, then 3 hdc in the same stitch.. Everyone writes their patterns different so this is always were I get tired up!!

I would greatly appreciate your advice so that I can make these. Thanks again, and thanks for sharing the pattern!!! I just hate to write a paragraph when a sentence will do! I hope you enjoy making them! These are just TOO cute! And in the finished product, all the beautiful detail at the toe sits off centre. Hi there — love these!! Was wondering what weight the wool you used is?? The different cuffs is the only difference between the two.

When I tried to make the left boot first, the cuff ended up facing the opposite direction, making it the right instead. Do you mean from the sl st spot when you are finished with the initial boot part and what direction should I be counting? To the right of the seam or to the left? Thanks, I was having this same problem and this clarified it for me. I have enjoyed making these, thank you for sharing. Thank you very much for sharing the pattern.

I just saw one I loved and played around until I thought I got it decently right! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the free patterns, you are so cute and so are your creations! It was very sweet of you!

Hi Ashlee, this really is a very nice pattern. I am very new at crochet and do not have kids to make it for. I would so appreciate your help. I love the look of these boots and I am sure from reading all the comments that they should be easy to make, however my experience is becoming different. I just went from there anyway and now I am trying g to do the cuff. I have begun the strap and am doing the 24 dbc. Do these go around from the strap to the back and toward the front.?

How does the left strap get attached to the correct side of the shoe if there is only a 4 stitch difference in placement. Or do I count 12 stitches in the opposite direction from the seam than I counted the six for the rot? It is shard to even word my questions so I do hope they are u certai dabble. I will,persevere and hope the muddle in my mind clears up. Than, you for sharing and for your patience and help.

I took seam to mean where my rounds have been ending but now thati am another round into my cuff I. Otice that it is starting much too back on the shoe. What is the seam? Thank you for your help. I Now have it figured out and really like the end result.

After row 7 I have 45 stitches, but after row 8 I have 40 or so? The diagram you added is Genius! But, if you made it to row 7 and the right stitch count then you clearly know how to decrease, since you just went from 54 to 45 in row 7. I just finished a pair today and they are so cute. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

I was doing something wrong but started again and has come out perfectly! We all get off sometimes when reading patterns! Hi, love the pattern, these look sooo cute! I keep re-counting, but I only count 42 stitches here, when it is supposed to be OH, haha silly me, I get it now!

Thank-you for the help, and the quick reply! How do you get the top stitched together so that you can go on and start the cuff. All I end up with is a cute littl E bootie not together with the pattern on one side. So, how do I get the top from toe to ankle together????? These are so lovely!!! I was asked to make a pair by a girl my husband works with so I decided to test these out! Thank you so much for sharing!! Can you please drow a diagram of just the beginning of tow rows so If I will see it iwill understand what you mean.

I tried to crochet but it get very confused rows. I just have one teensy, weensy problem. I keep winding up with 2 right ones! Is it dificult to resize the pattern? Also when you add the cuff make sure you remember to add one or two as your counting to get to the right sitch for adding the cuff. The booties look adorable!

Love this pattern, they are so super cute! To make the seam come out on the opposite side for the left boot, so that it will be on the inside of both boots you can crochet each row in reverse order, ie start with the final stitch and work backwards through the instructions for that row, ending with the first stitch.

Then join as normal, and then go onto the next row, working that one backwards in the same way. Hope that makes sense! Nevermind me — I figured out the back stitches! However I did end up with two possible buttonholes somehow — on the first turn around on the cuff, and again towards the end last row before the scallops started not sure what happened there but hopefully I can disguise it! I just replied to that one!

Im doing with 2 extra chains, havent finish yet but it seems right. I will also add another row to make it taller, i love the pattern and gives me so many ideas! I hope it works out well for you!!! I always change up patterns to fit my subject! I hope it fits well now! Struggling with first row. So do I skip the second last ch and 7hdc in the last one? I am finding my stitch count off when I do it that way. Hi, these are soo incredibly adorable!

I follow the pattern closely but always have this problem…. I just kept crocheting! Once I put them on the baby they were fine. Thank you for making this pattern available. The booties are adorable. I just finished the first bootie….

I cant wait to finish the pair. They work up very easily. Thank you so much for posting this! These are darling and I am trying to make them for my daughter. I am not the most amazing crochet-er, I was wondering if you could further explain what you mean when you say to chain after the slip stitch and then single crochet in the same single crochet?

I am not sure I am single crocheting in the right spot…. Your baby boots are so cute! But the instructions indicates 45 stitches for the 7th row…. Can u help me? I though that you started the 4th row from the center of the heel but you started just where you finished the 3rd row. I guess I should have read this comment first! I never stated to finish off the row before so you start right from where you leave off the row before!

Hiya, Thank you so much for this pattern. Do you crochet tightly? I have tried doing this pattern over and over and over and for whatever reason, my stitch number is coming out correctly. Hello Ashlee, first of all thank you very much for this pattern.

The baby booties are really cute. Anyway, I would like to ask you for advice: The pattern is written so that the decreases are centered above the increases in the sole.

I think her question which is mine as well is that the sole is shaped for the left foot. How do we adjust the pattern so that we can use the second sole to be shaped for the right foot. They get a little or sometimes alot depending one how tightly or loosely you crochet twisted while making them, but stick with it. Hi, I just love your beautiful design! I would of course credit you and link back here.

I have made countless beautiful items over the last couple of years but since I never intended to sell them, I mostly gave them away without photographing anything. Good luck and I hope you have fun! I only have the patterns for the two sizes, the infant and baby, the way I crochet the baby size is around a size 4 shoe. I absolutely love these!!

I am so glad you are willing to share this for free, its hard to find really good patterns online for free. I am having trouble though with the cuff. I did the chain 15 and the dc in 4th ch from hook but after the dc in next 11ch I got lost, So i get that i dc in where i did the sl st but theyn what do i do from there?

Ohh, i see is says dc 24 times, but if its for row 1 which direction do i go with it and where are the 4 spaces left? I think I just answered this in the last response, go down the side, around the back and up the other side.

I want to make them for my little girl. Can someone explain me what means 2 hdc 3 times? Thank you very much for this pattern.

All the best from Serbia. At the end of the second row, I found myself halfway down the sole, instead of at either end of the sole. Then it says to chain two, but that leaves a hole right in the middle of the sole.

Im so impressed that you were kind enough to post this pattern for everyone, then to take the time to help with all these questions! Very, VERY awesome of you. I hope it helps in the end!

I found this searching ravelry, thank you for posting it there! Not that I get alot of hits, but I think it is very cute! I also do not understand the whole right foot, left foot of the pattern.

After i finish the sole and begin making the shoe it is clearly a left foot boot. The only thing i can think of it that you flip the sole of the second shoe before continueing to make the bootie? Or maybe i messed up and the sole is not suppose to have a slight curve in it to indicate which foot it is for?

Do yo have an adult version of this pattern? My daughter is wanting me to make her a pair of slippers like this…. I love these and they are perfect for my baby sister in law i cant wait to give them to her.

Thanks for such great instructions. I am about to cry. I have been working on these since last night. I think I have ripped out my work about 50 times.

I wanted to make these for my 2 year old daughter for Christmas. I blogged about them, they are so cute! I made sure to give you credit. I love it when people are not only successful at making something from my pattern, but are kind enough to link back! Do you have a video tutorial for this?

I really love the booties and their so cute. I want to make them for my niece. So i am trying to do these booties. And added 7 more. And then there were only 3 more chains left and i did 3 hdc.

But you said to do 7 hdc on the last chain. What did i do wrong? I have been trying to figure this pattern out all day! LOL I keep finding that the bootie ends up big, like a size 7 maybe could just be the wool I am using and I have extra stitches. And I wanted to post this for the people saying they want to learn crochet, I used this tutorial and was crocheting and reading patterns in a couple weeks. Seriously, I recommend it to everyone who asks me where I learned.

Does this apply only to row 4 or all the shoe rows? Loved the baby booties. I think these are absolutely adorable. I started making it, but got confused at the 2nd row. Sounds pathetic I know. Only like, 2years doing it off and on. My best friend is about to have a baby in the next few weeks, and I bet she would love these for her little girl. So do u think you could make a video on how to make these?

If you could, that would be totally amazing!!! I am so confused and hope you can help me. I I did the sole and up to row 5, but when it comes to crocheting it so it actually forms the front part I am lost. I start crocheting around but I do not know how to get it so it forms the top front area. I have tied these 10 times today and it does not work. They are turning out perfect. Thank you so very much for this pattern!!! Feel free, but only for your personal use. Once I crochet row 5 do I just crochet row 6 around the whole bootie?

How do I form the top of the bootie that covers the toes and top of the foot? Again sorry for being a pain, and thank you for any help you can offer! Haha thank you though for the help and for the adorable pattern! I just wanted to say I love these!

Do u have a similar pattern for an adult version? Love this pattern and I have tried to tweak it for adult sizes but it never comes out right. If you have a base shoe pattern I think it would be pretty easy to enlarge the cuff idea I did hear with a little playing around.

I know someone made a video of my sandals…. I just love these! Do you have a pattern for like a size 2 mths? These fit my baby when he was 5 months old, but they fit the twins I made them for at 10 months… If your looking to go bigger just go up a needle size.

Make the soles and test it against the babies foot before going on. Can you give me an estimate at how long it will take? Just so I know about when to check back again. Does that mean make 2hdc in the next sc 3 times? I have been looking for a pattern for similar boots to these.

They have two buttons instead of one. Could i just make the cuff taller and add on a second button right above the one? Also, how can I go up a size, like say a size 6…? My daughter is almost two, and I would love to make her a pair… These are so adorable! I have the shoe part complete but now I am at the boot cuff.

I have followed your directions exactly, beginning with the right side. Some how I end up dc around the front of the shoe, around the side and back and ended up at the seam…. I do not know what I am doing wrong…. These booties are sooo cute!! I will probably try to make them again then.

I might have a few questions though! I consider myself a beginner and, minus a lot of struggling and frogging, I am almost done. Being self-taught, I am very excited to have made these for my daughter. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

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