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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I'm a rubbish Englishman. Orders How may I get assistance with my online order? I was all ready to miss it but this morning the 24th I say morning but I just woke up and its 1pm , there's a note in my door that they delivered both packages next door.

Here at Hermes Delivery Service, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, efficient and discreet service to patients across the state of Arizona.
Delivery times are calculated from the date of email receipt of your order confirmation. Delivery times are from 2 working days for all orders sent before 2 pm (GMT+1) and from 3 working days for all orders sent after 2 pm (GMT+1).
We can't guarantee exact delivery times or dates but understand that waiting in all day isn't always possible. We'll always make three attempts to deliver your parcel and may leave it in a safe place or with a neighbour to ensure that your parcel reaches you.
Yeah, if Yodel's the only delivery option I'm just going to close the tab. Either way, the package isn't going to get delivered, so if I just close the tab now at least I don't have to bother typing in my credit card details (or calling up three times to reschedule the delivery that didn't happen).
Mar 15,  · Do Hermes UK deliver on Saturday!? Upload failed. Please upload a file larger than x pixels; We are experiencing some problems, please try Resolved.

Yeah, if Yodel's the only delivery option I'm just going to close the tab. Either way, the package isn't going to get delivered, so if I just close the tab now at least I don't have to bother typing in my credit card details (or calling up three times to reschedule the delivery that didn't happen).

We use Hermes at my work and we're now getting inundated with complaints because Hermes can't get either delivers or returns to their respective destination within an appropriate timescale Especially not when said parcel actually arrived 6 days after it has been declared "lost".

Im really bored and kind of want to know what those boots looked like. No comment OP, just let us judge your shopping. I'm on mobile, so let's see if this works. OP delivers , even if Hermes don't. So my Chrimble boots are now going to be New Year boots. Not going to worry about it now. I've got a Christmas Bake Off recipe to deal with Thanks for the info! That's a bit of reddit advice that will be genuinely useful in the future. Instead of something that I save for later, and never use.

I guess they use both then. It always used to be DPD in the past though, up till maybe a couple of months ago. Seems that they use both, someone has mentioned elsewhere in the thread. DPD for next day, and Hermes for bog standard delivery. Think I'll be paying that little bit extra next time. It's just really useful and definitely worth the price. I'm wondering whether they've been trying Hermes out for size, and are now making the change back to DPD.

I'll look into that premier service. Totally agree, DPD are the undisputed kings of delivery. I'd pay extra every time. And OP would know his name. One time I watched my driver Dan, who had delivered items to me multiple times before, skip my house in real time on the map and deliver my parcel to my accommodation's offices. I expect he was just having a rough day and didn't feel up to it, but honestly Dan's actions have made me think twice about ordering again.

I was expecting a parcel last Monday between half three and half four. Four twenty nine the status updates to say that they did not have enough information I could clearly see the driver was miles away and just late. Turned up the next day without me having to provide any extra information.

It was paid for next day delivery as well! I've never had a problem with them but my girlfriends iPhone 6 went "missing" - they marked down it was delivered but it never was, they never turned up at the house. He might be stuck in all this winter snow we're having. At least he's got my nice, warm boots in the back of his van. Yup - I was waiting for a parcel for my girlfriend last week. Handed to the courier at 10am on Monday, he rolls up at 7: To be fair that yodel one sounds like a security reason, least he actually told you.

Fuck Hermes though waited for a parcel all day yesterday only for them to tell me they haven't even received it yet. The official Nintendo store uses MyHermes, and I've recently had to send them a message complaining about MyHermes and that I won't be buying from them until they get a new courier not going to happen I bet.

One time they bypassed our front and side doors, went through a gate into our private back garden, opened my sister's shed which is full of guinea pigs and therefore stinky, not clean and damp occasionally and dumped the parcel on the floor. They didn't even knock, but they did leave a note through the letterbox. The parcel was a 3DS game so I was pretty annoyed. Another time they said they attempted delivery when I know for a fact they didn't no note through the letterbox, no one knocked and therefore the parcel came a day late.

I can't remember if they actually knocked for that one though. My package from Hermes was three weeks late, and when he eventually did deliver it, I couldn't answer the door as I was mid poo upstairs. Good thing he left me a note saying it was under the skateboard by my door.

I work for ASOS customer service. My ipad delivered through Royal Mail has been marked as "on it's way". It has been at delivery office down the road since the 18th Hermes decided to deliver my parcel straight to the bin the other day, stuck a note through my door.

Literally, my outside household waste bin. What a delivery service. Looking on the bright side, given it may be a Xmas present, that is probably where its going to end up anyway. He was just bypassing having to do the whole pretending you're pleased you got your 5th Lynx gift pack. I love getting those gift sets. Barely ever need to buy deodorant or shower because of the stockpiles. I was saying to my family how these gift sets are fucking stupid.

No one asks for a stupid lynx gift set for christmas. If you want to be a cheapskate, i'd rather u gave me the 5 pound you'd pay for the gift set, least then i could you know, make it useful. My last experience of them was that they claimed to deliver it Checked the front cctv. Nope nothing, massive argument on the phone, got called a lier.. Pointed out that I had cctv everdence Next day my parace turned up The same one I supposed to have signed for the day before.

Same experience as my friend, minus the CCTV. Though we could have probably got it if we asked for it. ASOS seemed happy to send a replacement without it. Ordered Destiny Special Edition for release with Amazon. Was on the van at 7am. Waited all day for it, 7pm rolled round and the status changed to "could not deliver".

The fuckers said I wasn't in even though I hadn't left the house. Ended up cancelling it - turns out they did me a favour because the game wasn't very good and I'd have regretted getting the Special Edition.

Yeah, I was glad I didn't pre-order. Got it for 25 pounds the other day, definitely worth more round that range. The service is supported by our trusted network partners and includes access to our worldwide, fully tracked routing system. Hermes ParcelShop provides your customers with a new, more flexible option for receiving or returning parcels. We operate a network of over 5, nationwide ParcelShops which are open early till late, 7 days a week. Our Hermes Courier Returns option allows you to add a personal touch to your returns process with a local courier doorstep collection.

Would you like to enhance your final mile solution by offering your customers a multichannel delivery service? Hermes can help you provide your customers with a quicker delivery service for those more urgent purchases.

We offer a choice of two Proof of Delivery options designed to provide you and your customers with that extra peace of mind. Our Management Information reporting has been developed to meet all of your requirements and those of your customers.

Hermes Services To find out more about our services, please e-mail us and we will be in contact soon. Hermes Messenger How many people pay attention to the sales messages you send them? All driven from our state of the art Warrington Hub! Related Questions Do hermes deliver today UK? Does UK mail standard next day deliver on Saturdays? Do Parcelforce in the UK deliver on saturdays?

Does the uk mail deliver on saturdays? I have a grandfather clock that my grandfather made back in It doesn t work. Where can I take it to sell? Where can I buy potassium sulphate and potassium nitrate in the UK?

Hermes delivery times vary depending on which service you choose and where your package is coming from. They generally complete deliveries before 8pm Monday - Saturday and begin deliveries as early as 8am. Hermes hires individual couriers to deliver packages. Hermes' Sunday Delivery Service is designed so your customers can receive those all-important parcels outside of Sunday opening hours. Key features of Sunday Delivery Service: Sunday Delivery We will deliver your parcels on a Sunday with a 95% first time success rate. Hermes Services. To find out more about our services, Our fully tracked Sunday Delivery service allows 85% of the UK Mainland population to order a parcel on a Saturday for Next Day delivery on a Sunday. With a 95% first-time delivery success rate, Hermes could be the carrier for you.